Nanotechnology is a branch of science whose goal is to control individual molecules and atoms to create different devices like computer chips, which are several hundred times smaller than the size permitted by the current technologies. Fundamentally, nanotechnology is used in medical-related devices, communication and computer fields. Continue reading ‘Which has better scope in India Nanotechnology or Computer programming?’


Nanotechnology is at its infancy stage as far as India is concerned. But, government is making every effort to improve the usage of nanotechnology in India. Several research works are being conducted by Government of India and nanotechnology professionals can find placement in these research groups. Some of the top nanotechnology companies providing career opportunities for nanotechnology professionals in India are listed below: Continue reading ‘Top Companies for Career in Nanotechnology’



Biophysics involves the usage of physics to the realm of living things. Biophysics is a wide field and the most captivating work in biophysics involves the study of nervous systems. Biophysics is helpful in studying how the neurons transmit the electrochemical signals all over the body. Continue reading ‘Role of Biophysics in Nanotechnology’


Nanotechnology is being widely used in the field of medicine for various applications like tissue engineering, anti-microbial techniques, drug delivery, diagnostics and therapy techniques. The usage of nanotechnology is some of these areas of medicine are given below:

Nanomedicine for drug delivery: Continue reading ‘Nanotechnology in Medicine’


Nanotechnology is being used in several industries and its usage has not left the electronics industry as well. It has reached the industry with features in microprocessors. Since nanotechnology deals with smaller particles, it enables faster processing time and it also enables more processing power to be packed in the given area. Continue reading ‘Nanotechnology in Electronics’


Agriculture is regarded as the backbone of some countries and the major part of the national income of these countries are from agricultural sector. But, nowadays agriculture sector is facing several challenges like growing demand for safe and healthy food, threat from changing weather conditions; increasing risk of diseases to plants, etc…In spite of these risks, nanotechnology can become a blessing to the agriculturists. Continue reading ‘Nanotechnology in Agriculture’


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is one of the best universities in India situated at the capital city of New Delhi. This university implemented the M. Tech course in nano science and technology from the month of August 2008. Some details regarding the M. Tech nanotechnology course from GGSIP University is given below: Continue reading ‘Nanotechnology from GGSIP University’


Nowadays, many B. Tech graduates are interested in pursuing their M. Tech in Nanotechnology and many top rated institutes are offering M. Tech in Nanotechnology in India. Some of the institutes offering PG course in Nanotechnology are given below:

Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology: Continue reading ‘Institutes for PG Course in Nanotechnology’


Nowadays, Nanotechnology plays an important role in many fields right from medical sciences to huge construction business. With the growing popularity of the course among the students, many colleges are conducting courses in nanotechnology. Some of the bachelor’s degree courses in nanotechnology are B. Tech Nanotechnology and B.Sc. in nanotechnology. Some of the good institutes offering B. Tech in nanotechnology are given below: Continue reading ‘Good Institutes for B. Tech in Nanotechnology’


Many of us are of the doubt whether nanotechnology and nanoscience courses are the same. There is a certain level of difference between the two courses. To understand the difference between nanotechnology and nanoscience courses, it becomes essential to understand what nanoscience is and what nanotechnology is. The meaning of nanotechnology and nanoscience and the difference between the two are given below: Continue reading ‘Difference between Nanotechnology & Nanoscience courses’